Microsoft – Ultimate Computing Star of the World


Well, what could be a better topic than this to start with my personal blog. Today we’ll know more about Microsoft – One Company which has turned the world of Computing as to what we recognize today.

Whenever we discuss about Computing, Mobiles or Technology as a whole, one name that pops out of every mind is – Microsoft indeed.

Let’s start about my story about ciphering and amazing journey with Microsoft so far. I was born in 90s, and first introduced to machine known as “Computer” when I was in first standard and got my own computer when I was in sixth standard, yeah probably late. So, the OS it had was Windows 98 and I’ve seen the evolution how Microsoft has grown from that time to the present when we have Windows 8.1 .

What makes me Crazy about Microsoft and how it impacted my life?

Well, let’s break this question and answer it more appropriately, because Microsoft is one word which covers every aspect of Technology.

Windows by Microsoft

The most widely used OS in the world, we know it as Windows, an awesome product, indeed by Microsoft.

Earlier we had typewriters, every thing was easy ? Right?


To copy a document we would probably use a carbon paper. But then two great enthusiasts, Paul Allen & Bill Gates knew that what could be better is “Personal Computing” and that’s how our most friendly and lovable Windows evolved.

So, it started from MS-DOS to Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and then Windows NT, then we had more better features with Windows 95 & 98. Microsoft gradually evolved and occupied the whole computing market with it’s user friendly product.

They were working more to make their products better at visuals, fast, friendly, reliable and came up with an awesome version of Windows – Windows XP .

But they didn’t stop there, continuously improving upon design and user interface, we got Vista, 7 and then our very own Windows 8.

Microsoft has made computing a lot more fun, easy, user-friendly, reliable and trusted. I was first introduced to Windows 8 in a technical event in my college where we could actually use Windows 8. The tile system was really amazing, getting all apps in the start is what makes it more easy to use. And better yet, we now have Windows 8.1 , I am excited about what’s next with Microsoft.

Microsoft acquired Nokia and gave us  Microsoft Windows for Phones & tablets

Yet another good move by Microsoft was to introduce Windows for Phones and tablets. At first, I was really reluctant to even see a Windows mobile, but when I actually used it, my faith in Microsoft even grew stronger. The UI they provided is really great.

What I like most in Windows Phone is the UI. It’s like ultra awesome, and the tile system also works great there.

Recent news leaves me more excited. Soon Windows Phone users will get a file manager too. The UI looks fabulous and I’m waiting for this to roll out.

Microsoft Azure

How can one just forget about Microsoft Azure while talking about Microsoft?

The ultimate cloud platform you can use to build your applications using different programming languages, tools and frameworks. You can also try out Virtual Machines.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Well, first of all, I sincerely thanks Microsoft for this. MVA is a program for students to enhance their knowledge and skills about various technologies.

You can start learning with video tutorials, and what I like the most about this is, in the end you not only know a particular technology, but you may get a sheet or pdf to make your learning and revision even easier.

It really helped me a lot, and hats off to Microsoft for this awesome program for everyone, whether a student / professional .

 Microsoft Office

Indeed another great set of software tools which make the end users comfortable. Whether you want to write an application or manage you monthly budget, MS-Word and MS-Excel comes handy respectively.

Nevertheless, we have Power-Point too, which really helped me for making presentations really quick and easy for a National Conference, when I really need a user-friendly software tool.

No, that’s not all about Office, it includes more like Access, Publish, Picture Manager, Outlook etc.

One Drive

Every one knows the value of cloud these days. One Drive is here to make life even simpler and store all important documents to access them from anywhere, anytime even on the go.


and the list is endless, if I continue, I would surely break out a limit of 1000 words…

How I plan to bring a change in Society being a Microsoft Student Associate?

MSA Sanyam Khurana Badge

MSA Sanyam Khurana Badge

I believe in spreading awareness among masses about the world of Computing, specially about the contribution of one company- Microsoft.

I believe in teaching people about Computing and programming and that’s why my inner motivation pushed me to start with my blog (The Geeky Way) to teach more people about computing and make them computer literate.

Being a Microsoft Student Associate, would give me a golden chance to make my dream about Computer literacy come true, where on behalf of Microsoft, I can help people and spread awareness and enthusiasm among masses.

Make them comfortable with aspects of ciphering and making them understand every aspect of Technology is what I strive for.

Officially representing Microsoft is dream for many. But my dream is a little different, I want not only to represent Microsoft, but also contribute my knowledge, energy and time to make the world a better place to live and making all aware of the tremendous contribution of Microsoft to the world of Computing.

If I became an MSA, I would make sure to implement my knowledge and spreading awareness among others, and what would be a better place than to start awareness campaign at my own college campus to tell about upcoming Technologies.

Best Regards

Sanyam Khurana




12 thoughts on “Microsoft – Ultimate Computing Star of the World

  1. techywayemag

    We truly believe Microsoft brought about the never before revolution in the field of personal computing and truly great work buddy

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