It’s getting hectic day by day


Glad that I took some time, to write here. My schedule is getting hectic day by day. Only 4-5 hours sleep everyday. I’m tired, very tired but one thing is going to happen sure shot. I’d like to die trying rather than giving up šŸ™‚

My day starts with getting up early late in morning around 7:45 AM and then preparing to go rush to my college. It takes approx 2 hours in commuting in just one way. So, in my whole day I spend around 4 hours alone in traveling. Usual things happen in my college, mostly studying kind of wasting my time šŸ˜¦

Though I liked that in this semester I would be studying really good subjects about the Core Computer Science, but all my excitement was drenched watching the pretty old syllabus. Never the less, I find some topics really interesting in College too. Those about Algorithms and DBMS are the best one out there. But I think Universities should focus more on practical approach rather than just teaching students how to learn mug up things.

The real learning curve begins when I reach home from college. Time is really absurd and I reach around 7 PM in the evening or sometimes later than that. I was regular in attending the DGPLUG classes, but this schedule is seriously killing me. Never the less, I try to get on with the logs if the class was there, or else I tend to do other things like doing home task given in the previous class.

Then the research work about the articles I’ve to write begins. The Geeky Way is facing a hard time now just because I take too much time to update it, but I try to put up a good post (may be long) so as to contribute some value rather than just focusing in increasing the post count.

Then I take some time to do some freelancing work, I had already taken (Now wouldn’t take anymore for sometime). Among all these things, I find myself standing awake in midnight. Usually, then I carry on with my other courseware and practicing the things I’ve learned in my training.

3 AM : Seriously?

Yes! It’s generally 3 AM when I would sleep.

Though I usually don’t find good resources to learn more, but when I do, I ensure to make the full use of it.

It’s not about learning to defeat someone, get a job or something. I learn because I love to learn about that stuff, and I share my knowledge because it’s meant to be shared.

PS: Everyone has got 24 hours in a day, how you make use of it, is what matters. If you tend to enjoy your whole day, and still wanting something extra achieved, you won’t. Because there’s no short-cut to success. You have to work hard for it. It’s meant to be earned.

Now time to complete my home task for the training.

Good Bye!

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