People: Why You NO Share Your Knowledge


People are so much reluctant to share their knowledge. Like seriously?

The reasons they gave is, we spend money in getting it, why we should give it for free?

Why you no share your knowledge?

Why you no share your knowledge?

Well, can’t believe why they do exist. If you don’t want to share your so called “Paid knowledge” for free, then how do you expect that others teach you for free?

They spend tremendous hours just learning stuff they don’t like, and then ultimately asking for money to teach something they probably don’t know much good about.

So, the event happened today in my class, when my linux faculty asked suddenly from one person

“What is Escape Sequence?”

and everyone was like

“Ye kya hota hai?” (What is that?)

Suddenly people rushing here and there, and coming to me asking if I knew. So I told them, but then also they acted like dumb. 😦

Next the faculty started explaining that no one knew even about C or C++, and then explained what is escape sequence. And I couldn’t stop laughing. Like seriously? People in my class claim they know C/C++ or Java or even C# and they don’t know what is escape sequence, still rushing out the stuff they should probably know and what they want is a “GOOD PAYING JOB”.

Well, I’m glad to tell, forget about a job, but first concentrate on clearing your concepts. I’m not saying that I know things better than you. I accept I’m still a noob, but at least I’m trying. I’m trying to learn things which I like.

If you ask people

“Why did you take Computer Science?”

rather than technical questions which most of them just mug up, the reactions you’ll find are pretty much amazing.

You’ll see some dazzled faces around. Thinking what should they answer, and that’s the major issue here. People don’t know why the heck they opted for something they really don’t like, moreover that they need to have so much time in just thinking about “Why they opted it?”.

I always find it funny. People aren’t really interested in Computer Science, what they are really interested in is just getting a good job. I’m trying to believe they’ll get a good job, but why would someone recruit a person who doesn’t even know What he is doing in present, forget about their future plannings.

So, the incident that pushed me to post on this topic, happened sometime back in my class, when some students were offering to teach something to other for money. They were so proud that they knew it ! Feeling like a champ, they spent around 10k INR for that, so they asked other student to pay 10k to them and they’ll teach him.

WOW ! So cool, isn’t it? But I’m astonished, how those so proud people were not able to answer that simple question about escape sequence.

I’m not saying here that asking for money to give knowledge is bad. But as a student you should help your peers, right?

And if not, then let’s say you fall into trouble and then say you rush to someone and he asks money from you, even think everyone in the world is asking money. Isn’t that something really cruel? Isn’t that something you should not do in the first place itself, thinking you haven’t really achieved anything from that knowledge. What you know might be just half that you were taught.

Now, get out of your ego to try to recover your money spend. Rather then this, help people around you. You’ll not only enjoy it, but it would ultimately help you to clear your own concepts !

Believe me, I don’t know every damn thing, but when I try to clear doubts of others ( about stuff which I think I know),  in this process I might learn something important. Moreover it can happen, that I’ve picked up a bad practice or I have some wrong information, so others can correct that. It’s like sharing your knowledge and getting it back ( A two-way process)

It’s not about teaching for free, it’s about learning for free.

Accept it, do it and feel the difference.

You’re not professionals, first just focus on learning, it would help you in the long run.

PS: It’s just your wish if you really want to take this “Free” advice or still think your idea is better 🙂

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