Time to wrap up the mess!


Finally got some time to write here. This one would be a really quick post. I have been really busy from past few months. A hurricane of work just kept me crunched every now and then.

Had to complete the summer training project report, write tutorial on my own blog, submit dgplug training work (last task), learning about bootstrap & complete some left freelancing work, then college work too. I was literally trying to work with all that in parallel. So everything seemed not to move at all. I apologize to everyone, trust me, I’m trying my best.

Then came exams; damn, I hate it, they don’t really test knowledge.They are just there to know who has a damn ‘Rattafication’ skill. Anyways, my exams got over yesterday. People in my class were a free bird, but it isn’t really an option for me at the moment.

I just came back home and then carried out all the left tasks. Complete two days work and finally I can see some output. My summer training project report is now complete! And, and, and my reaction is like:

Summer Training Report completed in 2 days

I’m happy as to ‘something’ is better than nothing.

I’m just confused and crunched between a lot to do and at the moment internals are again over my head. A lot of work is pending and I’ve to complete it as soon as possible. A lot of college work too.

Time to work more aggressively and clear all the mess up! Plus, carry on my college studies as well.

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