Back to Work after 5th sem End Term Exams!


So, my 5th term end semester exams didn’t went well enough! I was just frustrated about the subjects I was made to study. Even the computer related subjects are taught with an aim to make students just pass the exams. Cram it, give exam, pass it and you know it; without any practical implication, just cram them.

Yesterday, went really awful, I was full of frustration, trying to figure out what I’m into currently and what I really want to do. Well, choosing Engineering was my own decision. I chose it so as to learn something. Probably I’m learning, but I didn’t want to learn this way. The problem is the focus of universities towards making students cram even the programming languages.

And I don’t really understand their agenda. While I know the concepts are needed to be strong for any practical implication. But just focusing on a methodology where  they just make students ‘cram’ the concepts rather than understanding and then without any practical implication is like telling a policemen different ways to catch a thief but never giving him chance to do so, or better yet, not telling him who to catch.

Whatever the heck they’re trying to do, now I’m not concerned with it. I’ve decided to squeeze out the most of the information they’re giving me and then carry on to learn more and trying to apply the concepts for a better understanding.

Studying Java this semester was a tough task, my concepts were not clear till the very last, until I picked up my laptop and decided to write the code, even if it means I fail in theory exam.

And once I wrote it, tried things, then I started understanding it. Still a lot more to be practically implied, but I’m glad I tried it against the universities norms of just cramming things.

While I was highly frustrated, I just needed some inspiration and this video really helped me to recover and gain a stable mind.

Okay, so now as I’ve decided previously, I’ll be conducting a HackerRank contest for all GGSIPU students, which is almost done and details are being finalized.

Next, I’ve decided to keep learning JS and Python and improve upon them. I really like to code in Python, I’ve not a solid idea why, but I simply like it.

And now, it’s time to complete and publish posts on my blog which are saved as draft from the past 3 months. Also, need to carry on some other work I’ve committed to.

Finally, I’ve some time and I’ll utilize it fully to learn and improve. Inspiration tank is re-fueled 🙂

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