Just my inputs on how JMI Internship fair could be better!


Hey guys,

First of all, thank you for providing everyone “opportunity” for internships.
Next, I realize, that all the volunteers were really hard working. But unfortunately, all the hard-work was actually not upto the mark just because they were actually doing redundant things and increasing their work.

Here are some of the points I will mention here which would help you in conducting and managing events better in future that would be helpful for all of us.

First, your updates on the event page were in small updates, the information were updated bit by bit, which was actually troublesome since last minute updates are too bad to arrange for stuff.

Next, you allotted slots to people, while it was good approach, you made that in chronological order which means, which has a lower registration number (registered earlier) was allotted 3rd slot.

Next, when you collected all the details through Google Forms and had all that data in CSV then why you chose to make a physical form and made everyone fill that, that means registering again. ( I mean going for manual work) when you had everything in a system.

Next, going where the interview were held, there were really hardworking volunteers, but I’m surprised there was actually no one to tell which volunteer was actually managing what start-up interview. So people need to search for the person, which created a mess.

Next, once one volunteer has that form, I and certainly all were actually blocked, since they cannot actually go to other interview, and wait till his first interview is over.

This actually made the task rather really cumbersome and difficult.

On the other hand, start-ups closed the vacancies, just taking the candidates which comes first.

Well, it was really bad, you cannot assume that those who comes first to you are the best ones.

Anyways other candidates have to now change their options which was not good and then you were changing that in your CSVs.

Considering all these points, I hope you can actually improve upon it.

My input:
Once you had the data in CSV, then you should’ve just schedule interviews based on the reference number for particular start-up. All are doing B.Tech and a small python script may be was enough to that, isn’t it?

Of course, interviews could clash but then some adjustment could be done by volunteers and it could be corrected after waiting for some time till when the current interview gets over πŸ˜‰

Next, start-ups should not be in a hurry, obviously they need the best ones, and they shouldn’t close their vacancies.

I hope you keep on doing the good work and improve in future. Kudos to your efforts πŸ˜€ It was really great that JMI organized this πŸ˜‰ but a little more management and devotion of time by start-ups would have made this an indeed awesome thing.


PS: I posted it on my blog as the option for posting it on the event page was removed.

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