PyDelhi Birthday Bash!


And here it is! We just completed 1 year of regular meetups at PyDelhi. We organized various workshops, meet-ups, events etc. in the past one year.

We had the meet on 9th Jan, 2016. The venue was Fueled. We gathered there and started the introduction outside the office. After the introduction session, we got inside and we had a small presentation about PyDelhi delivered by Rishabh, Ashutosh and me, where we explained about PyDelhi, PyCon India, volunteering, how to contribute, various events by PyDelhi in 2015 etc.

Then we had a session where we explained how we used Python in 2015 in our projects. And there were many participants. Some projects were really good.

After this, we had the snacks and cake ready! After the party, most of the people formed groups and were discussing. There were a large group of students from Amity who just started programming and were looking for inspiration. Some people just came to me and asked for help. I guided them in the best possible way I could as per my exprience.

Soon after this, Satyaakam sir told that they would give inspiration and showed github account of student of PyChill who was in 8th standard. The repo was full of algos written in Python. He also showed the website that student made for PyChill. Again, I realized what Mr. Anuvrat told me, “Hum to Jhak maar rahe hai!”.

This was really inspiring for me as well and provided enough motivation to start working hard. After this, we had volunteers sitting around and completing various tasks for the PyDelhi Conference. We set up explara account, made up logo, pamphlets, resolved various issues on the repo, made list of people for reviewing the CFPs etc.

I had a discussion on what all needs to be done with theskumar and then left.


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