MozPacers at MSIT


Our MozPacers (Mozilla Delhi) community conducted an event today at MSIT (Mahraja Surajmal Institute of Technology).
We planned various events for students and the itinerary is as follows:

Intro to Mozilla, it’s mission and Open Web – Delivered by Bhuvnesh and Manraj
Promoting Womoz and gathering more women contributors – By Ashu and Sonal
Learning version control with Git – By me; Sanyam
Webmaker tools – By Saurabh

So, I reached the venue at 11:30 AM. We made some arrangements and till the students gathered, it was already around 12:50 PM. Initial session was started by Bhuvnesh about intro to Mozilla, it’s mission, privacy etc. Then Manraj shared about his experience in contributing to Mozilla and a little bit about his visit to Leadership summit.

In between we had quiz session on Mozilla, where we distributed swags for whoever comes up with the correct answer.

Then Sonal and Ashu encouraged more women contributors to come forward and enlightened others about their contribution in the community. They told about various pathways to contribute; it’s not about just patching bugs, they told how they are doing documentation in the community.

Next session was taken by me about Intro to version control system, specifically Git. I told about basics of Git, some things about Mercurial (since that is what Mozilla is using).

Then Saurabh took session on Webmaker tools like Thimble, X-ray goggles etc. and encouraged students to learn.

Then we had a sort of open house session where we took in questions from people, and answered them. Bhuvnesh, Nikhil, Manraj, Saurabh and me answered their queries.

Lastly, I told about my exprience with Mozilla, how I’m about the land my first patch for Mozilla central, what all I learned, what’s in it to contribute to FOSS etc. I shared about how I fiddled to contribute, why it is essential to ask questions etc. I told them about IRC and Mailing list guidelines, covering basics of Bugzilla. I hope this would help them πŸ™‚

Many students seemed to be enthusiastic enough to join MozPacers and learn from the community, and I hope we will soon see more faces in the next MozCofee meetup.

Oh, yeah, need to now have a closer look at mails, I’m expecting MSIT people would ping us now for help πŸ™‚

I’ll update this post with pictures from the event soon πŸ™‚


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