Patched first bug for mozilla-central


Well, everything seems difficult until you start!

How will I make a patch? Will I ever able to understand that code? Will I really able to do it?

Everyone has these questions in mind and various others, while struggling to contribute to a huge code-base like that of Mozilla. So, recently I started reading stuff from MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) and then with bugsahoy and bugzilla, started figuring out good-first-bugs.

The difficulty was, it uses such terms, I haven’t even heard of! So, I was actually really afraid of commenting that I want to pick it up. But now, I was really frustrated with myself, and thought to give it a try to any bug, people would definitely help me, and I will figure a way out.

So, I reached this bug where enough of the instructions were already there, and it seemed like a very quick fix. This was a CSS bug in animation inspector of developer tools.

Having submitted a patch, I got review for my code and accordingly I did the changes, and on Feb 1, 2016. This patch got accepted 🙂

Now I’m working on another bug which is on JS in the animation inspector | Dev tools. It’s almost done, and I hope I would submit one more patch soon.



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